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Capitol Asset & Pavement Services Inc. is a firm that specializes in two components, pavement management and roadway digital imaging. Our office is located in Salem, OR, with a working area that includes Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California. The company was founded by two individuals, Paul Wigowsky & Joel Conder. With Paul’s unique knowledge of data collection using digital imaging and Joel’s vast experience in the pavement management field, they are both committed to providing quality services utilizing the latest technology.

Capitol Asset & Pavement Services recognizes that pavement management and inventorying right-of-way assets are an essential element of managing municipal resources. Recognizing that this information is critical to the success of any city infrastructure, Capitol Asset & Pavement Services takes pride in the quality of our highly accurate and reliable data collection abilities. Our data collection crews are comprised of experienced professionals who have provided these data collection services for more than 100+ municipalities and private enterprises using the MTC system throughout the Northwest and California.

  • Only Northwest Metropolitan Transportation Commission PTAP certified consultant
  • 2016: All Inspectors certified under MTC Rater Certification Program
  • 2011: MTC Pavement Management Consultant of the Year
  • 200+ pavement and asset management projects completed in last eight years

Joel M. Conder

Senior Field Project Manager

Joel Conder HeadshotMr. Conder has over 30 years of experience in the public transportation field, much of it specializing in implementing pavement management systems for local agencies. Previously, he served as supervisor of Marion County Public Works, Engineering Information Services Section, in Salem, Oregon. During his tenure there he assisted 30 Oregon/Washington/Idaho county road departments throughout the state to both implement and keep current their Streetsaver pavement management systems.

Since 1999, Mr. Conder has worked in the private sector continuing to promote pavement management concepts. He has been teaching classes in pavement management for more than 20 years, and was voted as the “Pavement Manager of the Year” in 2001 by the Northwest Pavement Management Association (NWPMA). Since entering the private sector in 1999 Mr. Conder has served as Senior Project Manager on over 135+ projects in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and California. This includes 10 years of PTAP projects in the San Francisco Bay Area going back to the original PTAP program in 1999/2000. He has continued to serve in that capacity each year on the annual PTAP projects and has just completed his 65th Bay Area pavement management project with the conclusion of the City of San Mateo in the fall off 2012.

Joel is dedicated to thorough research and intensive quality control in all aspects of pavement management. | (503) 884-6663

Paul Wigowsky

Project Manager/Chief Technology Officer

Paul Wigowsky HeadshotMr. Wigowsky has 17 years in the public transportation field, including over 15 years experience with all aspects of Pavement Management, including implementation, inspection, analysis, and reporting. Mr. Wigowsky served a beta tester for three versions of MTC Pavement Management systems and has 15 years experience with the MTC Pavement Management software (StreetSaver®). Mr. Wigowsky has built roadside photolog vans for three companies and supervised the filming of over 40 city and county photolog projects. Mr. Wigowsky also has over 15 years programming and operating systems experience, including proficiency in Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, All versions of Windows, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server. | (503) 551-6891

Over 300
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