Pavement Management Implementation

  • Street Network Segmentation
  • Pavement Distress Inspection
  • Street Network Analysis
  • Street Network Budget Needs Analysis
  • Budget Options Reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Software Training
  • Pavement Distress Training

Asset Management

  • Road Asset Inventory Collection
  • - Signs
  • - Culverts
  • - Bridges
  • - Guardrails
  • - Sidewalks & ADA ramps
  • - Curbs & Gutters
  • GASB-34 Inventory & Reporting
  • Roadside Digital Imaging

A majority of local streets and roads in most Cities and Counties have already been constructed and are slowly being worn out by the thousands of cars & trucks that use them each day. Each local street agency must repair the damage caused by time and traffic. In order to do this effectively, these street agencies must establish long-term pavement preservation programs.

A good street network system is a critical component for the health of any local jurisdiction. Most citizens think of a street as something that will last forever, and should be provided automatically by the city or county.

Capitol Asset & Pavement Services Inc, realizes that reduced budgets, political pressure and citizen complaints often drive local street agencies to resort to the “worst – first” methodology, which has proven to be the least cost-effective avenue of preserving a good street network. If using your limited funds properly as they were intended on a pavement preservation program, many street agencies emergency repairs could and will be avoided. The old saying of “Pay me now or Pay me later” definitely holds true. Playing the game of diverting preventative maintenance dollars to other programs, is nothing more than starting the vicious cycle of emergency repairs as the standard.

If you have found your local street agency practicing this, recovery is possible. Here at Capitol Asset & Pavement Services Inc, we can assist in effectively changing this behavior. By proper use of a pavement management system and by adopting a preservation model that proactively corrects minor street deficiencies early, your asphalt pavement lives can be substantially extended at a relatively low cost.

A pavement management system can quantify both the condition of your street network, and the maintenance funding and treatments necessary to maintain your street network into the future. By demonstrating these needs to citizens and councils, a conversation can begin as to the desired level of service, and the steps necessary to fund the maintenance of streets now, and into the future.

Many local street agencies have been slow to embrace the concepts of a fully functional pavement management system. We can introduce your agency to many of the new technologies and methods that are being used successfully by other local jurisdictions who embrace pavement management concepts.

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